Frequent Questions

What are the requirements to enter?

Being Dominican (by birth or origin).

Have completed their secondary studies and present their high school diploma.

Maximum age 26 years, (eligible for military/police training).

Have weight and chest circumference in proportion to age and height.

Enjoy physical and mental health, verified by a previous medical examination.

Not have been sentenced to an afflictive or infamous punishment or another that implies disgrace.

Basic knowledge of some foreign language and computers, (preferably).

Have a vocation for service.

Note: Applicants will pass with a minimum of 70% of the theoretical and physical exam, of the entrance contest.

Where should I go to take the exam?
Those interested in being evaluated should go to the Tourist Safety Training School, located at Carretera Mella KM 15 ½, Santo Domingo Este.
We will be receiving aspiring agents on Monday, Wednesday and Friday from 8:00 AM to 10:00 AM.
What should I bring when I present myself?

When submitting for the evaluation process, applicants must present their identity card.

Can I show up at the training school to get tested?
No, the evaluation process will be carried out every Monday, Wednesday and Friday until further notice, from 8:00 AM to 10:00 AM.
What is the exact address or location of the Training School?
Carretera Mella KM 15 ½, Santo Domingo East.
What is the deadline for initial evaluations?
We will be carrying out the initial evaluations until the end of November 2020
I belong or belonged to another military institution, can I be part of POLITUR?
The current process is only for new admissions, each institution has its procedures to request transfers or reintegration, so interested persons should exhaust those respective procedures.
I am a minor (16-17 years old) but I meet the other requirements. Can I enter?
Yes, you must have a notarial act where your parents give their consent.
What does the initial evaluation process consist of?

The initial evaluation that we are doing now consists of 3 parts:

1- External medical evaluation, where the applicants are inspected and their blood pressure, weight, height, etc. are measured. It is also validated that the applicants do not have tattoos and in the case of men, that they do not have ear piercings.
2- Psychological evaluation, where it is sought to determine that the applicants have aptitude for military service.
3- Evaluation of general culture, which seeks to validate the level of general knowledge of the applicants and determine their willingness to continue studying the academic part that contains the training program.

I am a university student, is there any flexibility to continue my studies?
In normal situations, the training process is intensive for the first 45 days, during which the applicants will not be able to leave the training center. After these 45 days, applicants are allowed to visit their homes on weekends. The training process lasts 6 months. It is possible that due to the special situations we are experiencing due to COVID-19, this scheme will change, but it will be a decision of the training school.
I am a university student, is there any flexibility to continue my studies?
The training process is intensive and during the first 45 days they will not be able to leave the training center, so we suggest evaluating the availability of time between the training process and their academic load to avoid conflicts. The training program does not contemplate any additional flexibility due to the fact of being a university student.

What are the requirements to enter the institution?

The requirements to enter the «POLITUR» are those listed in Article 97 of Law 139-13, Organic Law of the Armed Forces, which establishes that to enter as a member of the Armed Forces Armed required:

Be Dominican, as established in the Dominican Constitution.

Have turned 18 and less than 23 years old, on the date of admission. Those between the ages of 16 and 18 may not enter the Armed Forces without the authorization of their parents or guardians.

Not be subjudice or have been sentenced to afflictive, infamous or correctional punishment that entails dishonor, proven by a sentence with the authority of irrevocably judged matter.

Be in good physical and mental health, verified by the commission appointed by the Directorate of Military Medical Corps and Health of the corresponding military institution.

Have completed the required studies established in the regulations for the respective category at the level requested. (Bachelor with his Bachelor’s Certificate).

Not having been separated or dismissed for committing offenses or violating the disciplinary regime in any of the armed institutions or the National Police for any of the causes established in this law and its application regulations.

Complementary Requirements of “POLITUR”
-Minimum height 5.6 male and 5.5 female.
– Renounce all partisan militancy.
-Have identity card and personal.
-Good oral and written communication skills.
-Pass the tests required by the institution.

Tests You Must Pass to Enter “POLITUR”
-Medical Proof of external examination of the Body
-Clinical Test
-Psychological Examination
-Physical test
-General Culture Exam

Documents: The documentation required for the Basic Training Course for the Training of “POLITUR” Agents is as follows:

<pdata-wahfont=»13″>1. Letter of recommendation (civilian or military authority);
2. High School Certificate;
3. National testing certificate;
4. Note record;
5. Original (certified) birth certificate;
6. Two (2) 2×2 size photographs;
7. One (1) photocopies of the identity and electoral card;
8. Certificate of «no judicial record» (Attorney General’s Office);
10. If you have a degree, a photocopy of the university degree; and
11. Complete the registration application form.

What is the procedure to enter the institution?

<pdata-wahfont=»13″>1. Communication announcing the opening of the contest to participate and setting the date for the start of group exams. Each group must be examined in the following order and aspects: External exploratory medical evaluation by a Medical Commission of the Selected Military Hospital. Said commission must issue a Legal Medical Certificate stating that the applicant is fit to receive the other corresponding exams.<pdata-wahfont=»13″>2. Physical test of each one, whose results will be communicated to you immediately and those who fail will be automatically excluded from the process. In addition, those who passed the exams will be informed about the date of the next test.

<pdata-wahfont=»13″>3. Those who have passed the physical tests will receive an exam of academic level and general culture, on the areas of knowledge that they received during their studies in Secondary Education. Those who fail will be excluded from the process, while the others will be given a date for the psychotechnical exam.

Evaluation of the Applicant’s Physical Appearance:
Physical appearance is taken into account when evaluating the applicant, so in this initial stage of the debugging it is sought if the individual wears earrings, tattoos, has scars, etc.

Doping test.
At this stage we take care of carrying out the corresponding medical tests to verify if the applicant has used any type of drug or controlled substance.

Cleaning of judicial records and police files.
At this stage, our Intelligence Agents verify that the applicant does not have any files in the Central File of the National Police, D.N.I., DNCD, or in any of the intelligence agencies of the Armed Forces.

What services does POLITUR offer?
Where are the POLITUR offices located?
The main office of POLITUR is located at Gustavo Mejía Ricart #121, Esq. Teodoro Chasseriau, in Santo Domingo. To see a detail of the rest of the POLITUR supervisory offices located throughout the national territory, you can access here. (link to supervision page)
What are the functions of POLITUR?

The main functions of POLITUR:

  • Ensure that the Laws and Regulations that regulate the Tourism sector are complied with.
  • Plan and program the services of the centers of tourist influx in which the members of POLITUR are stationed on a permanent and occasional basis.
  • Promote staff professionalization and modernization programs
  • Execute the necessary legal procedures in order to submit to the corresponding deputy prosecutor, the authors of acts sanctioned by current laws, in cases of infractions detrimental to tourism activities and sustainable development of the country.</ li>
  • Protect the physical facilities and assets of the Ministry of Tourism (MITUR).
  • Ensure, in collaboration with the Ministry of the Environment, that the current provisions on environmental matters are complied with, in order to protect the ecosystem and the environment in the tourist centers, through programs or activities aimed at guaranteeing the environmental protection.
  • Propose security standards and procedures in the field of tourism security.
  • Carry out joint actions with the private sector in support of tourism security.
  • Design programs in conjunction with national and foreign institutions for the benefit of Children and Adolescents, as well as Mentally Insane Persons, Human Trafficking and the Homeless
  • Develop Intelligence and Counterintelligence Plans with State Security Organizations.
  • Establish coordination with the Ministry of Public Health and Social Assistance for development programs in tourist areas.
  • Establish coordination with the Ministry of Public Works and Communications for road assistance programs on roads and access corridors to tourist areas.
  • Establish coordination with the Emergency Operations Center (COE), in support of the current emergency plans established.
  • Guide and coordinate with the press the dissemination of truthful and timely information.
  • Integrate Private Companies in the field of tourism security technology.
  • Develop joint plans with the Armed Forces and the National Police for the benefit of comprehensive tourism security in the different tourist centers
When was POLITUR founded?

The Tourist Police was created on June 17, 1975, operating as a dependency of the National Police, called the Inspectorate, with a total of 20 members and its main seat at Las Vegas International Airport. Americas. On October 25, 1994, the then Chief of Police elevated it to a Department.

Through Decree 1301-00 of December 21, 2000, the General Directorate of the Tourism Police «POLITUR» is created, which will work in coordination with the Ministry of Tourism, the Armed Forces, as well as the Headquarters of the National Police, and being made up of members of the Military Institutes and the National Police.

According to the Organic Law of the Armed Forces, number 139 -13 dated September 13, 2013. The Specialized Body for Tourist Security (POLITUR) is created (Old Politur) , under the direct dependence of the Ministry of Defense, due to the strategic nature that it represents for the Security and Defense of the Nation.

What does the POLITUR Mobile Application consist of?

POLITUR APP is a Mobile Application for tourist assistance, whose objective is to strengthen the capacities to prevent threats to security in tourist spaces, included in the Digital Republic government initiative.

This Application contributes to the reduction of criminal action against tourists, increases service coverage and decreases response time in emergencies, representing a significant cost reduction for tourists and the State.

Through it, you will be able to obtain in a simple and fast way: information of interest, instant attention, addresses, telephone numbers, important emails and direct routes to each of our assistance and security centers in each tourist center.</ div>

What does the Child and Adolescent Protection service consist of?

The POLITUR Program for the Protection of Children and Adolescents seeks to reduce inequalities and universalize social services for all children and adolescents in the Dominican territory, by protecting the right to children and adolescents to be protected against violence, abuse, exploitation, trafficking and smuggling, and to guarantee their right to identity, to live in a family and to due process in cases of conflict with criminal law.</ p>

  1. Protect children and adolescents against all forms of violence, abuse, exploitation, trafficking and trafficking, especially that which occurs as a result of activities related to tourism
  2. Guarantee the right to identity of all boys and girls, by strengthening timely and late birth registration.
  3. Reduce the number of children institutionalized for reasons of poverty or conflict with the law.
What are the awareness talks offered by POLITUR?

Awareness talks on the importance of tourism and safety in the Dominican Republic, is a service provided by POLITUR, with the purpose of making the population aware that tourism activity in relation to to the other productive sectors of our country, generates a faster economic impact compared to the other productive branches.

In this sense, the tourism sector is the driving force behind economic development, despite this it is necessary to create awareness that it is not the sole responsibility of the public sector, but of all productive entities and the civil society which must be empowered to protect each of the visitors who arrive in our country.

With which institutions does POLITUR collaborate to guarantee tourist protection?
The National and Foreign Tourist Assistance and Protection service is a specialized service managed by this institution (POLITUR), in collaboration with the Ministry of Tourism and other security agencies. Which is provided at the national level, mainly in the tourist centers of the country and in contact with embassies and consulates, hotel and restaurant associations, tour operators, taxi drivers and other entities linked to the sector.