About Us

About Politur

The Central Directorate of Tourism Police (Politur), is the competent body in matters of Tourism Security, an authority designated by the Dominican State, under the National Police, to be responsible for the preparation, application and compliance of a Tourism Security program. , which corresponds, with the power to apply standards and methods in order to guarantee the development of the national tourism industry and its institutional links.

General Objectives

Ensure that the laws and regulations that regulate the tourism sector are complied with, through the implementation of prevention and protection plans and programs in tourist areas and thus be able to guarantee the sustainable development of the sector and the Dominican State.

Our Vision

To be a model institution in terms of tourism security, at a national and international level, which contributes to neutralizing the threats that threaten the interest and development of national tourism.

Our Mission

Guarantee security services in tourist centers, through the application of standards, methods and procedures, in order to ensure that the laws and regulations that regulate the Nation’s tourism sector are complied with.


The need to maintain an effective and efficient team implies establishing the criteria that allow us to create awareness in our personnel, for the fulfillment of the Mission. In that sense, we have assumed the following:

  • Competition
  • Discipline
  • Integrity
  • Loyalty
  • Caution
  • Excellence
  • Credibility

Specific Functions

  • Ensure that the Laws and Regulations that regulate the Tourism sector are complied with.
  • Plan and program the services of the centers of tourist influx in which the members of POLITUR are stationed on a permanent and occasional basis.
  • Promote staff professionalization and modernization programs
  • Execute the necessary legal procedures in order to submit to the corresponding deputy prosecutor, the perpetrators of acts sanctioned by current laws, in cases of infractions detrimental to tourism activities and sustainable development of the country.</ li>
  • Protect the physical facilities and assets of the Ministry of Tourism (MITUR).
  • Ensure, in collaboration with the Ministry of the Environment, that the current provisions on environmental matters are complied with, in order to protect the ecosystem and the environment in the tourist centers, through programs or activities aimed at guaranteeing the protection of the environment.
  • Propose security standards and procedures in the field of tourism security.
  • Carry out joint actions with the private sector in support of tourism security.
  • Design programs in conjunction with national and foreign institutions for the benefit of Children and Adolescents, as well as Mentally Insane Persons, Human Trafficking and the Homeless
  • Develop Intelligence and Counterintelligence Plans with State Security Organizations.
  • Establish coordination with the Ministry of Public Health and Social Assistance for development programs in tourist areas.
  • Establish coordination with the Ministry of Public Works and Communications for road assistance programs on roads and access corridors to tourist areas.
  • Establish coordination with the Emergency Operations Center (COE), in support of the established emergency plans in force.
  • Guide and coordinate with the press the dissemination of truthful and timely information.
  • Integrate private companies in the field of tourism security technology.
  • Develop joint plans with the Armed Forces and the National Police for the benefit of comprehensive tourism security in the different tourist centers