Tourist Safety School

The Training School, Brigadier General José Dante L. Galán Marte, PN, of the Central Directorate of Tourism Police is a dependency of the National Police.

Training School Objective

Its general objective is to train, educate and qualify military and professional students, providing them with specialized knowledge in tourism protection and prevention, for their participation and collaboration in the comprehensive development of tourism, society and in support for the Constitutional Government.

Specific Objectives

1- Expand the intellectual faculties of the students, on the broad aspects of the prevention and protection of tourism.

2- Train students in their preparation, both tactically and technically, of specialized knowledge in military aspects.

3- Promote and guarantee the stay of its members for the development and institutional strengthening of the institution.

4- Provide specialized and continuous training for the individual training of the military and professional.

Our Vision

Provide and promote continuous training to its members for their training, oriented to the prevention of crimes and protection of tourists, to guarantee the permanence, development and citizen security in the country’s tourism sector.

Our Mission

Provide and guarantee comprehensive security in the Dominican tourism sector, through actions of prevention, protection and orientation towards national and/or foreign tourists who visit the tourist areas of the country, guaranteeing sustainable development . Consistent with compliance with established laws.


The Training School exercises and promotes the ethical and moral values ​​promoted by the Central Directorate of Tourism Police (POLITUR), these are:

  • Professionalization
  • Response quality
  • Accuracy
  • Credibility
  • Loyalty
  • Teamwork
  • Mutual respect
  • Discipline
  • Leadership
  • Ethics