Director’s Office

Brigadier General Lic. Minoru Matsunaga Matsunaga P.N.

Brigadier General Minoru Matsunaga Matsunaga, PN, was born in the city of Santo Domingo on February 5, 1966, entered the ranks of the National Police in 1984 as a conscript, then on January 1, 1985 he entered as a Cadet candidate of the National Police Cadet Academy, where he holds the rank of second lieutenant of the National Police in 1988.


He graduated as Second Lieutenant from the Academy for Cadets of the National Police Current School for Cadets Major General José Felix Rafael Hermida González, PN, (1985-1988) and as a Lawyer from the Technological University of Santiago (UTESA) (1995) .


  • Leadership and Emotional Intelligence
  • Diploma of High Police Studies
  • Diploma on Human Rights
  • Economics and Politics Diploma
  • Juvenile Criminal Behavior Prevention Seminar
  • Diploma International Relations, Foreign Commission
  • Diploma Strategy And Geopolitics
  • Police Update Course Before New Code of Criminal Procedure
  • Diploma in Human Dignity
  • Seminar on Ethics, Integrity and Police Responsibility
  • Behavioral & Interpersonal Skills Course
  • Unarmed Sec. Officer Basic Training Cour
  • Diploma in Social Sciences
  • Diploma in Police Command and Operations
  • Course In Drug Prevention
  • Air Traffic Course
  • Law Degree
  • Command and Company Administration Course
  • Basic French Course
  • IV International Congress of Criminology (Uasd)
  • Intelligence and Counterintelligence Course
  • Basic Course Drug Identification And Investigation
  • Diploma In Application In Public Admiration
  • Course Assistance And Decision Making
  • Technical Course Detect Stolen Vehicles
  • General Course for P.N. Cadets


  • Remarkable Work in the Police Services Command
  • Awarded Police Officer of the Year 2001 in Politur
  • Availability And Help Provided To The French Embassy
  • Singular Work Underway Third International Book Fair Of Santo Domingo
  • Outstanding Participation In Military Parade Cavalry Unit
  • Commendable work in the fight against drug trafficking
  • Beautification Of The Gardens At The National Police Training School


  • Central Criminal Intelligence Directorate (lintel)
  • Eastern Regional Director of Traffic Safety and Land Transportation (DIGESETT)
  • Regional Deputy Director of Eastern Santo Domingo (Z51)
  • Regional Inspector of Eastern Santo Domingo (Z51)
  • Smallmouth Department Commander
  • villa duarte department commander
  • Regional Director of Tourism Police (POLITUR)
  • Commander of the Department of Barrio Seguro Santo Domingo Oriental
  • In charge of community affairs Santo Domingo Oriental
  • Victory Department Executive Officer