Our director actively participates in the reopening of the cruise season that began in Puerto Plata.

19 April, 2022

With the presence of the First Lady Mrs. Raquel Arbaje, the Minister of Tourism David Collado and different authorities of the province of Puerto Plata,
Our Central Director of Tourism Police #POLITUR Brigadier General Minoru Matsunaga, PN, participated in the reception of the first cruise ship that arrived in the Dominican Republic through the Amber Cove port terminal, thus reopening the 2021 Cruise season.

Prior to this reception, our Central Directorate of Tourism Police, had taken the necessary measures by implementing a security and protection device in coordination with the other institutions that make up the security tables of this tourist province, which allowed some 3,000 passengers aboard the Carnival Horizon Cruise, they will move in a safe and reliable environment to the different places of recreation and attractions that this tourist destination offers.

The conditions are given under a survey and strategic planning carried out to guarantee the safety and protection of all tourists and cruise passengers who will arrive in the country through the different terminals, both by air and sea, assured our Director General Matsunaga, while supervising the measures of prevention implemented to protect the physical integrity and property of visitors.