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Awareness about the Importance of Tourism and Tourist Safety

Descripción del servicio

Awareness talks on the importance of tourism and safety in the Dominican Republic, is a service provided by POLITUR, with the purpose of making the population aware that tourism activity in relation to the other productive sectors of our country, generates a faster economic impact compared to the other productive branches.

In this sense, the tourism sector is the driving force behind economic development, despite this it is necessary to create awareness that it is not the sole responsibility of the public sector, but of all productive entities and the civil society which must be empowered to protect each of the visitors who arrive in our country.

This service focuses on people residing in the country, with special attention to residents in tourist areas, high school and university students, hotel managers, security personnel and workers of the hotels and restaurants, Taxi and Tourist Transport Companies, motoconchistas who work in tourist areas, military, police and members of the voluntary military service.

A quién va dirigido

Citizenship in General

Departamento que lo ofrece

POLITUR Training School

Información de contacto

Tel.: 809-754-1934
Dirección: Gustavo Mejía Ricart #121, Esq. Teodoro Chasseriau, Santo Domingo, República Dominicana.

Requerimientos o requisitos

Formal request for the service Establish a person responsible for coordinating the logistics of the service with POLITUR Provide the necessary facilities and equipment to impart the training according to the magnitude of the public that will receive it.

Procedimientos a seguir

  • Writing a request to the General Directorate of POLITUR, or to the Director of the Training School.
  • After the request is approved, coordination is carried out with the interested party and a team of instructors is prepared who travel to any part of the country.
  • On the agreed date, the POLITUR staff appears at the established place and proceeds to give the requested talk.

Horario de prestación

8:00 AM - 5:00 PM


Free of charge

Tiempo de realización

After receiving the request, we proceed to coordinate immediately with the interested party. The duration of the talk is 2 hours.

Canal de Prestación

Via email - Online service request via Form.

Información adicional

Responsible person

Director of the POLITUR Training School


Carretera Mella km.15½, in the premises that houses the General Directorate of the General Directorate of Education, Training and Military Training of the Army of the Dominican Republic, San Isidro, Santo Domingo Este, Santo Domingo Province, R.D.

Legal Basis of the Service

Organic Law of the National Police 590-16 dated July 15, 2016.

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